Elemanning’s performance continued to decline this season,has made the giant fans crazy authentic stitched jerseys from china


The 37-year-old Elemanning’s performance continued to decline this season. In addition to cheap chinese jerseys the decline in physical conditions caused by the rise in age, the existence of the giant's offensive frontline has also given a lot of "contributions." However, in the game against the Hawks on Thursday night, the performance of Xiao Manning has made the giant fans crazy: the cheap jerseys wholesale audience has only 24 successful take-outs in 43 shots, although there are 281 yards pass but most of the yards. The numbers are all from the various screen passes to the running back Barkley after he catches the ball. Manning’s 43 shots in the game had a full 34 shots, and the drop point was within 10 yards. In addition, there were 16 passes and no passing points (that is, the check-down pass). ). Passing more than 10 yards in the game only succeeded 2 times. The poor performance made the outside world more and more hope that the giants would change the voice of Eli Manning, but the problem is that the Giants now have this paper-like offensive line and the experience and level of the team's two backup quarterbacks. Ilaymaning is probably just a change of soup.