How far the Jaguar can go this season, NFL experts believe it depends on Bolts cheap chinese jersey sites

After the 9-6 sac of the last week lost to Tennessee Titan, this week cheap jerseys direct the Jaguar was crazy about jets. Leonard-Fonette's performance after the comeback was not eye-catching (average 3.7), and Brett Bolts rarely played a high-efficiency pass. The Bolts throws a 388-yard 2 touchdown, and NFL experts believe that how far the Jaguar can go this season depends on Bolts, not the defensive team or Fornet.

Jaguar’s number one RB Fernnet’s thigh muscle group injury deteriorated again,there will be an indefinite truce. cheap jerseys direct

In the US local time on Sunday afternoon, the Jacksonville Jaguars against the New York Jets, the Jaguar's number one running back Fernnet's thigh muscle group injury deteriorated again. In the past two games, Fornet was unable to represent the team due to the problem of muscles in the back of the thigh. Due to the relatively complex recovery of such injuries, the current Jaguar team must carefully observe the rehabilitation of Fornet and avoid letting him continue to suffer from this injury during the rest of the season. With the efforts of substitute running backs T.J.-Yelden and Corey Grant, the Jaguars won the fourth week. However, it is too risky for the Jacksonvilles to bet on the team's quarterback, Blake Bolts. Boltes, who behaves like a roller coaster, may not be able to slap the fierce Kansas City Chiefs in the next week.

On Monday, the United States local time, the Jaguar coach Doug Maron told reporters that Fornet’s muscles in the back authentic stitched jerseys from china of the thighs have deteriorated. There is no clear time to return, and there will be cheap jerseys direct an indefinite truce.