This season is a bit different. The first four games have hit a record high. cheap jerseys from china

In recent years, the NFL's passing offense has become popular. Although it is true that "offensive wins the box office and defense wins the championship", today's league teams are paying more and more attention to their offensive quality. The Kansas City Chiefs who have relied on defensive eating for many years have changed their winning philosophy since last year and have repeatedly fallen into a situation of splitting with each other. With the emergence of young passionate offensive coaches such as Sean McVeigh and the growth of cheap jerseys wholesale Jared Gough, Patrick Mahoms and other squad quarterbacks, the NFL is now full of firepower.

Entering the 2018 season, the first four weeks of the game, all the offensive data hit a new high. In the passing attack, 2999 passes attempted, 65.4% of the passing percentage. 32215 yards pass pass code, 288 pass touchdowns, 3030 points total score and 344 total touchdowns, this series of gorgeous offensive data is the highest in the NFL history in the first four games.

The record is much more than that. Here are some of the milestones or new records in the first four games of the season. They are also worth remembering.

88: Unveiled the New Orleans Saints against Tampa Bay pirates, the two sides scored a total of 88 points, becoming the highest in the round.

42: Michael Thomas's catches, this is the most consecutive record in the NFL history for four consecutive weeks.

12: There are 12 games in which the team passed the ball for 400 yards.

11: There are 11 quarterbacks who have passed the total number of yards over 1200 yards after the end of the fourth week.

10: According to this development, there will be 10 quarterbacks who will break their pass yard record.

7: 7 quarterbacks scored 10 touchdowns or more

6: Patrick Mahoms became the youngest (22 years discount baseball jerseys and 364 days) single-game 6-dark player in NFL history.

5: The 5th person passed the ball for 400 yards in the fourth week, and the NFL has the most history.

4: As this development, there will be four players to break Peyton-Manning's passing yard record in the 2013 season (5477 yards), Ben-Rodriguez Berg, Jared Goff, Cork – Cousins and Derrick Carr.

3: Ryan Fitzpatrick became the first quarterback in NFL history authentic stitched jerseys from china to score 400+ passes for three consecutive weeks.

1: Jared Gough became the first player in NFL history to maintain a 350+ pass in three consecutive games and maintain a 75% pass success rate.

In addition to the full range of offensive firepower, this season's game is also more anxious, with an average score of 9.9 points per game, which is the lowest since 86 years after 9.13 points in 1932. In the other 4 weeks, there were 38 games with a final score of 8 points, which set a new record for the NFL.