Regarding the poor status of Eli-Manning,Mara said everyone in the team must make adjustments. sports jerseys wholesale


Mara ,Giants boss expressed his views on the following topics:

Regarding the sports jerseys wholesale poor status of Eli-Manning: "When the team has a record of 1-5, the responsibility is for everyone." Mara said that although Eli is now "the target of cheap jerseys online the public", everyone in the team must make adjustments.

Marathon will hand over the quarterback adjustment to the coaching staff, and rookie quarterback Kyle Laureta may also get the opportunity to play.

Regarding the use of the No. 2 pick to run back to Saquanic Barkley instead of the quarterback: "We just chose the best rookie of this year, I still believe this."

1-5 start to let Mara "squat", but he believes in the ability of general manager Dave Gatman and Schumer.