Offseason Detz has not been signed,is showing his old club. authentic stitched jerseys from china

After the first week of the regular season, Detz said on Twitter that he would like to play for the Redskins or the Patriots, but then the Redskins signed Michael Freud and Bashard Perryman, and patriotic They also chose Josh Gordon and didn't care about Detz's thoughts at all. On Tuesday, Detz released a video of his crazy fitness on social media. This video has caused people to speculate. Is it true that "Where does Detz go?" However, Detz's reaction was a bit unexpected: "I would rather go to the Dallas Cowboys. If not, I am ready to play elsewhere."

The 29-year-old wide receiver was selected to the professional bowl three times and scored 73 touchdowns and nearly 7,500 yards during the past eight seasons. In the offseason, Detz has always wanted to join the team that has always had the strength to compete. He has won the favor of Raven and Brown, but they have not signed. In addition to the 2-2 cowboys in the league, the other teams seem to be not interested in Detz, which can explain why Dez is showing his old club.