the most stringent iron salary cap, and the most unscientific weak team first pick the draft system,made this year’s NFL quarterback cheap jerseys from china


In order to achieve a balance between the strength of the team, the NFL implements the most stringent iron salary cap, and the most unscientific weak team first pick the draft system. The iron salary cap limits the team's expenses. Giving a player a high salary means that another player can only get a sports jerseys wholesale basic salary, which guarantees that money is not arbitrarily. The system that the weak team first picks, from the perspective of five to ten years, gives each team enough space to engage in material construction. The annual record is poor, and the players are picked first every year. Is there any improvement after three or four years? The cross-year success of the Rams and Jaguars from last year was considered a positive vote for the NFL draft system. 

Therefore, this year's NFL quarterback, can be said to be a result of the interaction between the NFL draft system and the iron salary cap. In 2018, such a node reached or nearly reached perfection, helped the sports jerseys wholesale team, and cultivated. fan.

The NFL’s ratings for the new season soared, the talents in the quarterback position are full of flowers. authentic stitched jerseys from china


The NFL's ratings for the new season soared, rebounding strongly from last year's relative trough. In addition to the political environment, the part of the audience is pushing the entertainment industry. The biggest surprise of the NFL is that the talents in the quarterback position are full of flowers. It is no exaggeration to say that today's NFL is experiencing a season of quarterbacks that have been in trouble for decades.

the Patriots is good at hearted temperament,treat the opponent with”praise before kill” cheap jerseys from china

There is a saying in the art of war: the attack on the soldiers, the attack on the heart. The highest state of confrontation between the two armies is cheap jerseys wholesale to use the strategy to defeat the enemy. The best way is to disintegrate the opponent's fighting spirit mentally. This kind of wisdom not only benefits us Chinese, but even the NFL team far away on the other side of the ocean has learned the essence. The New England Patriots are typical representatives of good-hearted temperament. Whenever they meet strong enemies, the Patriots’ coaches are “modest” to the players, praising their opponents in all aspects, and then defeating them when they call their opponents numb. It is the so-called "praise before kill". In other words, the Patriots always like to give their opponents a cheap jerseys wholesale big bit of "poisonous milk". The Patriots seem to trust this kind of operation with some oriental metaphysical colors. They always get good after the "poisonous milk" opponents.

Teach you how to watch NFL rubgy matches:Location responsibility authentic stitched jerseys from china

Offensive side:

After the start of the ball, the center gives the ball to the quarterback and blocks the impact of the opposing defenders.

The quarterback is responsible for passing the ball or handing the ball to the running back.

Two guards and two tackles blocked the opposing defenders and were responsible for protecting the quarterback or opening the way for the running back.

2~4 wide receivers started to run the route and ready to catch the ball.

1~2 runnerbacks took the ball and charged.

1~2 tight-ends need to block the impact of the opposing defenders, and if necessary, pick up the quarterback pass.


The defensive front line or the first line usually refers to the defensive front line players, including the defensive tackle and the defensive end. They attack the striker with the opponent's attacking striker and control the starting line.

The linebacker is the inside linebacker and cheap jerseys wholesale the linebacker. The general outside linebacker is responsible for the rushing (attacking the quarterback) and the outside defense. The linebacker is responsible for the defense of the middle road and can also be rushed if necessary.

Cornerback and Safety Guard defensive quarterback passes to the wide receiver and assists in intercepting the ball.


The new fans will ask why the referee will throw a yellow handkerchief?

In fact, each referee has a yellow flag at the waist. When there are fouls and violations on the field, the yellow flag is directly thrown into the field. All penalties are made by the referee and the assistant referee.


In addition to the head coach, each team has three coaches who are responsible for tactics, namely the offensive team coach, the defensive team coach and the special team coach. They are responsible for the tactical arrangement and daily training of their respective teams. Of course, there are also coaches. I like to be personally called tactics. The coach will hold a tactical board full of tactical code to block his mouth from being seen in the mouth, wearing a walkie-talkie, and shouting tactics to the quarterback or linebacker.

The head coach also has a special power to challenge the penalty. If the head coach thinks that there is a factual wrong penalty on the field, such as the conversion of the ball, the ball out of the ball, and so on, you can feel a red flag from the waist and throw it into the court to force the referee to watch the replay. If it is true that the referee misjudges, then the original judgment will be changed. If not, the challenger will be penalized for a timeout.

Buccaneers QB Jamies Winston return training cheap jerseys from china

The starting quarterback of the Pirates in the fourth week will be selected from Ryan Fitzpatrick, who is just in the right direction, and Jameis Winston, who just returned from the ban. But head coach Dirk Koetter is still reluctant to announce his decision.

However, from the performance of Winston at the press conference, he seems to think that he is more likely to serve as a substitute. Winston said that he will do everything he can to help the team win, and hopes to continue the trend of winning more and less.

Winston told reporters: "My passion for the team, love is still there, will not change because of my role. This is my authentic stitched jerseys from china first day of return, let me enjoy the questions before answering (about the starting) Let me go."

Fitzpatrick led the pirate offensive team to perform well, and he himself became the first player in history to pass more than 400 yards in three consecutive games. He was elected the best offensive player of the League of Nations in the previous two weeks. He currently has the first pass in the 1230 league and the second in cheap jersey wholesale in usa sports jerseys wholesale the league in 11 points.

Winston said that he has seen these games and has some understanding of the "FitzMagic" craze.

Winston told reporters: "Everything is for victory. I am not a selfish player. It is about the team. At present, we are in good shape and have achievements. We should continue."

Raiders QB Carr: I prefer be Pushed by Hayes sports jerseys wholesale


On the 27th, for the purpose of protecting the quarterback, the NFL will make the rules of the roughing the passer more strict, as long as it falls to the quarterback if one falls to the ground and fine with a penalty. This rule caused a lot of controversy and even caused the player to be injured.

In a defensive, in order to prevent himself from being attacked by Raiders quarterback Derek Carr, Dolphin defensive end William Hayes suffered a knee injury and a torn anterior cruciate ligament. Put in the injury reserve list. Carl has something to say about it.

"I hope he can press directly on me instead of tearing the anterior cruciate ligament (in order to dodge)." Carl said, "No one wants to see someone tearing the anterior cruciate ligament, I don't want it."

Carl, who has this idea, deserves to be praised, but the rules are not written by him.

The NFL is also aware of the adverse effects of this rule. After many stars scream, the Alliance Competition Committee will hold a regular meeting to see if it can make the rules more reasonable and not conflict with the correct cuddling skills.

Help Crow to win, Kicker Joe Flacco get the best of the week for eighth time. sports jerseys wholesale


Joe Flaco threw out 277 yards and 1 touchdown of data, but he did not do well in other areas, including passing accuracy and scoring efficiency, but the Ravens and the league's strongest kickers. Justin Tucker. Watching the team's offense repeatedly blocked, Tucker came forward and hit two consecutive shots of 50 yards or more (up to 54 yards) plus three additional points to help the crow win the wild horse at home. Tucker authentic stitched jerseys from china is no stranger to the award, which is the eighth time in his career to get the best of the week. 

Bills defeat Vikings , Matt Mirano become the best defensive player. authentic stitched jerseys from china


The biggest upset in 23 years, Bill's defense team suppressed the Vikings' offense by 6 points, and the road defense only released 14 yards, which is inseparable from the merits of linebacker Matt Mirano. The little-known Milano was selected by Bill last year. He only cheap jersey wholesale in usa started five games in his rookie season. This season, Raymond Humber became the main force of cheap jersey wholesale in usa the weak side linebacker. In the face of the Super Bowl Vikings, Milano cheap jerseys wholesale completed 1 kill, 1 cuddle, 8 cuddles and 2 destruction passes. The second-year player won the best defensive player by  his outstanding performance .

Steelers how to play without Bell cheap jersey wholesale in usa


The victory will suppress all the noise," the Steelers said repeatedly last week. To defeat the hot Tampa Bay pirates, the team should thank the defensive team for making four mistakes, and should also thank Big Ben. In the case that Levião-Belles was not supported, Big Ben made 30 shots in the away game, 30 authentic stitched jerseys from china shots, 353 yards, 3 touchdowns, and a pass score of 120.7. "I am used to it", after the game Big Ben said with a smile. Before the end of the first half, he left the Steelers 1 minute and authentic stitched jerseys from china 17 seconds, and the Big Ben 9 passed 8 yards and finally scored by Ryan Switzer. The last cheap chinese jerseys moment was the madness of the Pirates. In the counterattack, Big Ben escaped and cuddled a medium-distance pass to find Zhu Zhu-Smith-Schuster to get the first cheap jerseys wholesale attack, smashing the pirates to use the suspension and defense team to quickly get back the ball.

DeShawn-Jackson: Fitzpatrick feels hot discount baseball jerseys

图片1.pngThe Pirate quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick seems to usher  a career full year.According to the ProFootballFocus website, Fitzpatrick's first quarter of the season's quarterback score is the best in history, even surpassing Tom Brady and Peyton Manning.

DeSean Jackson, the team's WR, is naturally very fond of this. He even hopes that after the ban of Jameis Winston's suspension, the team will still make Fitzpatrick the starting lineup.

Jackson told the NFL Network reporter: "He (Fitzpatrick) is now very hot.he can let everyone unite and play a wonderful game, it is worthy of respect. I think, should not let the people in the best state be replaced, This flame should continue to burn. It’s as simple as playing the NBA Jam.Make the one shoot well always vote.

"Although I have no right to decide, I believe that Dirk Koetter coach, (attack coordinator) Todd Monken, and others involved in the staffing arrangements will make the appropriate decision."

In the two games that have been completed, Fitzpatrick has sent at least 400 yards and scored 4 touchdowns. The current pass count (819) and passer score (151.5) are all in the league's starting quarterback the first. His pass-through number (8) ranked second, and the pass completion rate (87.7%) ranked third.