Giants boss John Mara to express his opinion,said that she did not talk directly to Beckham cheap chinese jersey sites


The interview with the receiver, O'Dell Beckham, continues.

This time it is the turn of giant boss John Mara to express his opinion.

On Monday morning, US time, Mara attended the NFL Fall Meeting. He said: "I hope that he (Beckham) can make a headline on the performance of his own stadium, rather than relying on controversial comments. I think he needs Play more and talk less."

In an interview with ESPN reporter Josina Anderson, Beckham said that the giant "needs to play with more sports jerseys wholesale heart" and cheap jerseys online did not deny the argument that Eli-Manning dragged the offensive team.

Giant coach Pat Schumer has talked to Beckham cheap jerseys wholesale for this. He said he has warned David Beckham that this is the "last time."

Mara said that she did not talk directly to Beckham, but thought that there were enough people to talk to him.