Steelers will enter the Wheels Week,Bell is currently in a contract-free state cheap chinese jersey sites


According to NFL Network reporter Judy Batista, Steelers believe that this veteran running back will not report to the team this week.

Steelers will enter the Wheels Week without Bell, and Bell is currently in a contract-free state due to the refusal to sign a contract with the $14.54 million team.

The 2018NFL defensive rookie is not very exciting in general,there are still a few players who are worthy of our expectations. authentic stitched jerseys from china

The 2018NFL defensive rookie is not very exciting in general: horizontal comparison, they are far from eye-catching by the line-up of Barkley's running back team and five rookie quarterbacks. In vertical comparison, they are also difficult to compete with next season talent. The rushing group of the table is comparable. Having said that, there are still a few players who are worthy of our expectations.

Here are a few interesting facts:

· In the past 15 years, the position with the best defensive rookie of the year is the inside linebacker (6 times), followed by the outside rusher (4 times), the inside rusher (3 times) and the defensive guard. (2 times)

· However, the situation has reversed in recent years. In the past three seasons, two seasons of the best defensive rookie were won by the cornerback, and the last linebacker won this award back sports jerseys wholesale to 2012 (Luke -Kickley)

· Throughout history, security guards have never been favored, only won the award twice.

· A cruel fact about those rookies who are looking forward to counterattack: After 2000, only 2 non-first-round defenders will receive this award (Kendall Bell and DeMarco Lanes are second-round picks)

· Actually, the first-round picks are nothing remarkable: because in the authentic stitched jerseys from china past 11 awards, 10 of the final winners were selected in the top 15 picks, the only exception being the 18-point cornerback Marcus. Peters

· Finally, there is a law of forced finding out. In the past 6 years, the only defensive player in the draft who was selected was discount baseball jerseys Joey Bossa who won the best defensive rookie (Fon Miller and 2 years ahead) Endam Kong-Su is completely unaffected)

The 2018NFL defensive rookie is not very exciting in general,there are still a few players who are worthy of our expectations.

8:20 on the 12th video live Eagle vs giant Guodong two strong who can get back to the state sports jerseys wholesale

The 20th week of the 20th-19th NFL officially started. First of all, the two tops of the country, the poor state of the season, the Philadelphia Eagles and the New York Giants. Prince Star and Xiao Shen will bring you commentary on the game, so stay tuned.

What happened to the defending champion?

As the defending champion, the Philadelphia Hawks beat the Atlanta Falcons in the season opener with almost the same routine as last season's playoffs, making fans feel that the Hawks are still the eagle. But the next story is not so logical. The second week lost to the hot beard is still excusable, but in the past two weeks and consecutive small scores in the hands of the Titans and Vikings, the Hawks became the league's 8th start 2-3 champion. This is a very dangerous number, because the previous seven defending champions only the 1996 cowboys finally broke into the playoffs of the season. Fortunately, there is no good state in the four kings of the East, and there are still opportunities for the eagle.

Looking at the defending champions of the season, discount baseball jerseys one of the most intuitive feelings is that the offense was not as good as last season. Looking at the data, we will find that the league's first red zone touchdown rate fell to the middle and lower reaches of the league last season; the average score was 8 points less than last season; the slow heat phenomenon this season is also very different from last year; The ability to fix a hammer is not as good as it used to be. The fact that the Hawks, who haven’t changed their lineup, can’t keep a division champion is really eye-popping. Nowadays, the most urgent problem they need to solve is the running back problem. Blount’s departure, Ajay’s report, Clement’s continuous absence makes the Hawks rely on the efficient Smokwood and the old flying squirrel. And the fall of the rookie Josh Adams. Fortunately, this week's eagle's opponent, the Giants' road defense, was a mess.

How will Eli respond after Xiaobe’s voice?

After losing to the Panthers last week, Little Odell-Beckham became the focus of news in the face of media interviews. Then, in this game, Eli will make a targeted change, and pass the ball to Beckham for more far-reaching routes? I thought it was very difficult.

First of all, although the Giants' cheap jerseys wholesale rookie guard Hernandez has performed exceptionally well this year, the team's overall pass screening efficiency ranks only 29th in the league. Eli needs to be shot quickly in a shorter period of time to ensure that no pocket breaks occur. Secondly, the second-best show, Barkley, has performed so well, both in terms of rushing the ball and short-screening. This makes Eli, who is not too young, able to lead the team more easily and efficiently. Does Eli suffer to challenge the long-running attack with a significantly lower success rate? In the end, Beckham has become Ely's passing goal more than 11 times. He is close to completing 8 catches. He is already at the top of the league and wants more? This is cheap jerseys direct not easy, after all, the team's tactics need more changes. By the way, if Beckham can get 114 yards in this game, he will be the player with the least number of games taken since 5,000 yards since 1970. Of course, waiting for another record will be his. So, is there any reason for Eli to find more Beckham?

The 1 wins and 4 losses of the Giants and the 2 wins and 3 losses of the Hawks all want to win this victory, but for the two teams, it is far from the point of stepping back to the abyss, after all, the division's first name is only 2 Win 2 losses only. So for the two teams, the key to finding the future game in this game is the most crucial!

Elliott’s state to fluctuate greatly,completely exposed the weakness of young people. cheap jerseys direct


Dallas Cowboys Running back to Izkil Elliott was because the "home storm" kept on was entangled with the league and eventually banned by the league for six games.

Before Izzil-Elliott was suspended, he continued to appeal to the league's ban, going back and forth between the court and the court, which caused Elliott's state to fluctuate greatly, and then added In the ban, Elliot is hard to provide enough ground threats like the 2016 season, which makes the cowboy opponents feel at ease with Dirk Prescott, so Prescott can't be as calm as 2016. Passing the ball, he must fight against the opponent again and again. At the same time, the ability of the wide receiver Dez-Bright is cheap jerseys direct degraded, and it is difficult to provide effective help to Prescott. Before the problems, Prescott is completely exposed the weakness of young people.

the Hawks still maintain the best offensive and defensive, and the defending Super Bowl will be the only goal. cheap chinese jerseys

In the offseason, the Hawks sent away powerful players such as Legaret-Blount, Winnie Curry, and Beu-Allen, but the Hawks retained the original main foundation and also introduced Mike. – Bennett, Corey Nelson, Mike Wallace and many other players, in addition to this year, the Hawks also selected a Dallas-Goldt talented rookie in this year's draft. In particular, the arrival of Bennett provides more energy for the eagle's excellent defensive front. The eagle's championship-level defensive front can make all NFL quarterbacks tremble, and this team's defensive second line is more like a Passover high wall. 

In addition to the high-quality defensive team, the Philadelphia Eagles also have an excellent ground attack. The running back group led by star running back Jay Ajay brought the top three in the league last season. In the 2018 season, the Hawks still maintain the best offensive and defensive, and the defending Super Bowl will be the only goal of this team.

the Hawks still maintain the best offensive and defensive, and the defending Super Bowl will be the only goal.

Bell will report back to the Steelers in the seventh week,the first thing to solve after return is the locker room problem cheap jerseys from china

Many people think that the poor start of the Pittsburgh Steelers this season has a lot to do with their endless field problems, and now this problem has been solved. According to ESPN, the Steelers star running back Levião Bell will report back to the cheap jerseys wholesale Steelers in the seventh week. This means that there has been a slight relief in the Bell renewal issue that has plagued the Steelers for a long time. At least Bell can play in the seventh week.

However, the seventh week is the Steelers' rest week. This schedule means that Bell cheap jerseys wholesale will miss the sports jerseys wholesale Steelers' game against the Atlanta Falcons and the Cincinnati Tigers. Taking into account the current state of the Steelers game. Perhaps after the return of Bell, the situation of the Steelers is likely to be worse than it is now.

However, the first thing to solve after Bell's return is the locker room problem, because many teammates expressed dissatisfaction with his decision not to return at the beginning of the season. He also said that he would talk to his teammates in the locker room after the return.

Jaguar’s number one RB Fernnet’s thigh muscle group injury deteriorated again,there will be an indefinite truce. cheap jerseys direct

In the US local time on Sunday afternoon, the Jacksonville Jaguars against the New York Jets, the Jaguar's number one running back Fernnet's thigh muscle group injury deteriorated again. In the past two games, Fornet was unable to represent the team due to the problem of muscles in the back of the thigh. Due to the relatively complex recovery of such injuries, the current Jaguar team must carefully observe the rehabilitation of Fornet and avoid letting him continue to suffer from this injury during the rest of the season. With the efforts of substitute running backs T.J.-Yelden and Corey Grant, the Jaguars won the fourth week. However, it is too risky for the Jacksonvilles to bet on the team's quarterback, Blake Bolts. Boltes, who behaves like a roller coaster, may not be able to slap the fierce Kansas City Chiefs in the next week.

On Monday, the United States local time, the Jaguar coach Doug Maron told reporters that Fornet’s muscles in the back authentic stitched jerseys from china of the thighs have deteriorated. There is no clear time to return, and there will be cheap jerseys direct an indefinite truce.