Brees become the new code king of the NFL Alliance,someone believe that the Red Team deliberately sent Briss reached this achievement in prime time cheap jerseys from china

On Monday night in the US local time, New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees passed a 62-yard touchdown pass, breaking the record of the total passing code maintained by Payton-Manning. (71940 yards), and this has become the new code king of the NFL Alliance.

After Bryce broke the record, many American sports stars and entertainment industry people expressed congratulations to him through various channels. However, some American media and former NFL players believe that the Red Team deliberately sent  Briss reached this achievement in prime time.. The 10th professional bowl offensive tackle Joe Thomas said: "The @redskins has a very intimate tactic of 11 people, let @Drew-Bris break the NFL pass yard record. This makes I thought about how @Bret-Favre made @Michael Strahan create a killing record."

Shawn Payton’s team was slowly heating,the saints became better and better. cheap jersey wholesale in usa

Although the Saints' victory over the authentic stitched jerseys from china New York Giants by 15 points is not as dark as the Falcons in the third week, it is important for a team that aims to playoffs to win the game at the least cost. In fact, Drew Bryce's passing offense was in trouble, but Alvin Camara and the defensive team set off the pace of the team. After losing to the pirates in the first week, the saints became better and authentic stitched jerseys from china better. Obviously the defeat was not as bad as people thought. Shawn Payton’s team was slow, like last season.

The sword is not old,Drew-Brees reproduce the glory cheap jersey wholesale in usa


As the saying goes, "There is an old family, such as a treasure." Although Drew-Bris is 39 years old, his performance on the court is not like a veteran who is nearly 40 years old. Everyone likes to use "reverse growth" to describe it. he. In the face of the raging Atlanta Falcons, saints team's defensive team has no power to fight. At this time, Briss stepped forward and threw nearly 400 yards and three touchdowns with a small 40-passer pass. Unfavorable situation, the old driver felt the pressure to punch the bag in front of the end zone, then a sudden brake to avoid two defensive players, and took the old legs to complete the 7-yard rushing ball. In the overtime, Briss once again sent a rushing ball to the opponent. Tianbo is easy to thank, and it is difficult to stay in the heat. After so many years, Lao Zhu still has such a sharp and spicy sword. The best offensive player of the League of Nations is deserved.