the Pittsburgh Steelers have not yet expressed their position about Brown’s behavior,he really have to pay attention to their behavior cheap jerseys online

Regarding Brown's heinous bad things during his vacation in Florida during the offseason, the Pittsburgh Steelers have not yet expressed their position, and Brown feels that the media's attention to him is a bigger problem. He feels that his life is always forever. They are all being enlarged by the media. "I can't go anywhere, I can't seem to do anything. The media is writing me every day, my family has seen these things, I have to deal with such things, this is not free, I can't express myself. I can't do anything else."

As a public figure, Antonio Brown’s actions during his vacation in Florida are certainly unforgivable. He is an idol of many people, but he has no control over his temper. This not cheap chinese jerseys only destroys the property of others, but also hurts an innocent child. . We know that Brown often does similar behaviors in the Steelers, whether it's flipping the Gatorade bucket on the sidelines, or secretly playing in the locker room, shooting the head coach's speech. Brown seems to completely ignore the consequences of the matter, how to be willful, how to come, as a NFL signature, a superstar, Antonio cheap jerseys wholesale Brown really have to pay attention to their behavior, do not let similar things happen. If you don't want yourself to be the center of news, then please establish a positive and positive image. Don't always spread negative energy. The media can't make a fuss about a person who is cautious.

Brown performance completely ignored the personal safety of others, had to face two lawsuits. cheap jerseys online

Recently, the Zeppelin Steelers Antonio Brown had to face two lawsuits. This was due to Brown’s horrible bad things during his vacation in Florida during the offseason. He not only forcibly destroyed many other people’s property. The dangerous items such as vases and stools were thrown from the sky, which almost killed others, and his actions even caused a serious psychological problem for a 2-year-old child.

And Brown’s “crime” in litigation is not limited to this. Due to Brown’s constant carnival and party during the offseason, many of the original facilities of the apartment were destroyed. In addition to the furniture that was smashed by Brown, the sofa in the apartment was burned through. There were several big holes, and even the walls were badly damaged. Shortly after Brown "goes crazy," he moved out of the apartment. Due to Brown's various acts of destruction, the apartment decided to sue Brown for breach of the agreement and asked Brown to compensate for the loss. The children’s family, who was scared of psychological problems by Brown’s actions, sued Brown’s “intentional harm to the mental health of others”. They believed that Brown’s violent performance completely ignored the personal safety of others and almost killed his child, so he asked Brown to conduct More compensation.

superstar throw things from 14th floor,make a child began to suffer from insomnia and anxiety symptoms. cheap jerseys online

Recently, from the Pittsburgh Steelers' superstar Antonio-Brown, madly throwing dangerous goods downstairs, an old man with his 2-year-old grandson just passed the road outside the apartment pool, which is unfortunate. Passers-by were scared by the scenes in front of them, and they were flustered to find places to dodge before they suffered more harm. But this terrible scene caused a great shadow to the 2-year-old child. It is said that since seeing Brown's "madness" scene, the child began to suffer from insomnia and anxiety symptoms.

luxury apartment was accidentally stolen ,Antonio Blount angry and Throw things cheap jerseys from china

In the offseason this year, Antonio Blount rented a multi-million dollar luxury apartment in South Florida to enjoy the holiday. On the beautiful South Coast, Brown is a party carnival, night sing. But in April, the apartment that Brown rented was accidentally stolen and lost valuables worth $80,000. According to the situation at the time, this incident made Brown angry and unable to calm down. Brown pointed the finger at the security guard. He pointed at the security cheap jerseys direct guard's nose and yelled, and his mouth continued to pick up bad words. In addition, the emotional Brown began to smash the items in the apartment, the coffee table and the cup were all smashed, but this sports jerseys wholesale did not eliminate Brown's anger, then he actually grabbed a few vases and went straight to the floor. Throw it down near the pool, knowing that Brown’s apartment is 14 stories above the ground. Even more frightening is that Brown has thrown chairs and other furniture downstairs.

The coach has limit ability,AB84 get the lowest career number. authentic stitched jerseys from china

The pig boy looks like a superstar potential last season. This season has become the number one WR of the  from the data. This season, the pig boy completely changed the slot and took over, and can run any route, from all angles to each other. Attacks in the hinterland, of course, all based on the AB84 being madly clipped and targeted.

Last season, if Matavis was present, then AB84 would not have to attack the deep level so frequently; if Eli Rogers was present, then AB84 would not have to work so hard to get to discount baseball jerseys the middle to pick up the short pass. But now the hard work of AB84 has caused his inefficiency. If he wants to attack the backcourt, the opponent will not hesitate to carry out the front and rear double guards of the cornerback + safety guard, and the long-distance vertical running for a long time, for The 30-year-old AB84 is not a small physical energy consumption. The loss is a detachment of the ability to receive 3 touchdowns. As for the new offensive coordinator Randy Fichner this season, he has served as a teaching assistant for more than a decade. He has not been promoted and has not been robbed by other teams. Now it seems that he has limit ability. This season, he often runs the AB84 in the middle of the road. In fact, the AB84 is the strongest in the heads-up. Rather than physical confrontation, when Big Ben was passing in the middle of the road, he was also unfamiliar and frequently missed. This season, the average AB84 running route can only get 1.40 yards, the 54th in the league's 94 WRs, and the lowest career number.

Steelers embarrassment, It is also difficult for inefficient Big Ben to lead the Steelers forward authentic stitched jerseys from china

In recent seasons, Big Ben has become accustomed to playing "health rugby" at the beginning of the season, but this season's steeler's embarrassment, almost forced to "full strength" in the field, now Big Ben has this strength? After four weeks, Big Ben cheap jerseys wholesale is now in the league's passing yard, and this season he averaged 353.5 yards per game, 46.5 times, both of which are career highs. It is discount baseball jerseys not easy for a 36-and-a-half-year-old grandfather.

This season, the ratio of short-to-medium-long pass is 64.2%, 21.0%, and 14.8%. It can be said that it is still a short pass, and the long pass rate is even less than that of the previous season. It can be a true hit rate of 70.9% this season. In the 28th position, according to the support of the TE and the running back, as well as the pig boy, Big Ben hit 83.2% in short-range passing, but due to poor support and unfamiliar tactical arrangements, Big Ben is in the middle shooting percentage is only 51.3% (59.3% last season) and the long-range shooting rate is 23.1% (31.3% last season). When there is no pressure, Big Ben's shooting rate is less than 70% (the league's fifth last), and now It is also difficult to lead the Steelers forward with five interceptions and one inefficient copy.

Bell still hopes to sit down and talk to the Steelers about the contract,”Bellless Steel Man” hope to end. cheap jerseys from china

Bell still hopes to sit down and talk to the Steelers about the contract. In fact, the Steelers have already given a $70 million contract this summer. However, the contract's margin is only $17 million, which is unacceptable to Bell, especially with his fellow runner backersTodd-Gurley and David Johnson who have received at least twice the margin.

In fact, Levi-Bell's return is a huge relief for the current steel team's weak road attack. From the sports jerseys wholesale second week to the fourth week, the average number of rushing balls by the Steelers was only 15.3, and the average rushing yards was only 43.3 yards. James Connor proved his first with a total of 97 yards in three games may be just a flash in the pan. To make matters worse, due to the weak road attack, Steelers' opponents can smash their top wide receiver Antonio Brown. The defensive manual for the "Bellless Steel Man" has been made by the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday. Delivered to everyone through live broadcasts across the United States.

Although Bell’s affairs have not been completely resolved, if the two sides can sit down and negotiate, rather than completely noisy, at least for the current cheap jerseys online Steelers, it is a good news.

Bell is confident that he can stay in the Steelers,I know my value. sports jerseys wholesale

Alliance sources told ESPN reporter Adam Shaft that Bell plans to officially announce the news of the team later this month, but this does not prevent the Steelers from making meaningful deals. A few days ago, the Steelers put Bell on the shelf, claiming a second-round draft pick plus a "good player" to send Bell; and the cheap jersey wholesale in usa New York Jets once reported that cheap jersey wholesale in usa it is possible to get Bell through the deal. But Bell is confident that he can stay in the Steelers for the simple reason:

A normal-thinking team will use a high-scoring draft pick plus the backbone of the team to replace a player who can play only six games without a long-term contract.

Bell has been actively training in South Florida, even if he occasionally goes to the nightclub to relax. However, he said by phone on Monday: "It feels too bad to watch the game off the court. I want to play, I want to win, I want to go to the playoffs." When talking about his own problems, Bell kept his usual. In the tone, "I must stand on my own position. I know my value. I know that I can't play 16 games with more than 400 touches (if the Steelers don't give him a satisfactory contract)."

Bell will report back to the Steelers in the seventh week,the first thing to solve after return is the locker room problem cheap jerseys from china

Many people think that the poor start of the Pittsburgh Steelers this season has a lot to do with their endless field problems, and now this problem has been solved. According to ESPN, the Steelers star running back Levião Bell will report back to the cheap jerseys wholesale Steelers in the seventh week. This means that there has been a slight relief in the Bell renewal issue that has plagued the Steelers for a long time. At least Bell can play in the seventh week.

However, the seventh week is the Steelers' rest week. This schedule means that Bell cheap jerseys wholesale will miss the sports jerseys wholesale Steelers' game against the Atlanta Falcons and the Cincinnati Tigers. Taking into account the current state of the Steelers game. Perhaps after the return of Bell, the situation of the Steelers is likely to be worse than it is now.

However, the first thing to solve after Bell's return is the locker room problem, because many teammates expressed dissatisfaction with his decision not to return at the beginning of the season. He also said that he would talk to his teammates in the locker room after the return.

Steelers how to play without Bell cheap jersey wholesale in usa


The victory will suppress all the noise," the Steelers said repeatedly last week. To defeat the hot Tampa Bay pirates, the team should thank the defensive team for making four mistakes, and should also thank Big Ben. In the case that Levião-Belles was not supported, Big Ben made 30 shots in the away game, 30 authentic stitched jerseys from china shots, 353 yards, 3 touchdowns, and a pass score of 120.7. "I am used to it", after the game Big Ben said with a smile. Before the end of the first half, he left the Steelers 1 minute and authentic stitched jerseys from china 17 seconds, and the Big Ben 9 passed 8 yards and finally scored by Ryan Switzer. The last cheap chinese jerseys moment was the madness of the Pirates. In the counterattack, Big Ben escaped and cuddled a medium-distance pass to find Zhu Zhu-Smith-Schuster to get the first cheap jerseys wholesale attack, smashing the pirates to use the suspension and defense team to quickly get back the ball.