Led by Tom Brady,the NFL QB are spread out in an orderly manner at all ages cheap jerseys wholesale


Today's NFL is experiencing a season of quarterbacks that have been in trouble for decades.

Led by 41-year-old Patriot quarterback Tom Brady, after two or three years old, the pig who just broke the quarterback pass yard record ignored the big two, three years old, big river, green bay dragon Brother and a large number of mainstays. Further down, Falcon quarterback Iceman Ryan, Raven Meritorate quarterback Flaco, Lion Stafford, Black Panther Newton, Sea Eagle Wilson, Pony's Lark, and cheap jerseys direct nearly two Three years joined the league's Titan Mario Tower, pirate Winston, Rams Gough, Eagles Wentz, almost a line. It can be said that the quarterbacks with good experience and good value are spread out in an orderly manner at all ages, which makes the NFL team tend to average in the competition of the main strategic position of the main quarterback.

Billicek offering “praese before kill” trick,greatly praise the Chiefs and Mahos cheap chinese jersey sites

The New England Patriots will be welcoming the Kansas City Chiefs' team this season. Although the Chiefs are often eliminated in the playoffs, the Patriots' status is not good this season, and the Chiefs  Under the leadership of Mahos are in the wind and water, in the face of such a chieftain, the Patriots head coach Bill Bilicek took the lead in offering this trick.

"He has a very amazing arm. He can pass the ball anywhere, giving him all the impression. He cheap jerseys online can quickly pass the ball to the receiver. He can always make the right decision, accurate and timely. The ball is passed to the best position. Even if they pass the ball in front of their own end zone, you must defend the ball in front of the end zone. We need to protect every corner of the court to defend his pass. His passing can cross the entire stadium. When talking about the chieftain's quarterback Ma Homs, Billicek kept praising the young man with a consistently indifferent expression, and then the old coach mentioned The entire offensive group of the chiefs.

"They are extremely dangerous. We can't just target one of their players. They have too many good players, quarterbacks, and wide receivers. It's a tricky problem."

After the praise of Billicek, Tom Brady also talked about Mahoms: "Although I don't know much about him, even then he is still impressive, his talent, he has too cheap chinese jerseys More excellent offensive skills."

Brady will not spit?he think that a calm mind will help cheap chinese jersey sites

Jay Ramsey and other Jacksonville Jaguar players decided to bomb the New England Patriots before the game on Sunday, including Tom Brady and Gronkowski. Focus on care. In the face of how to counterattack the mouth cannon, it is a positive confrontation or just a complaint, it seems that Brady is sports jerseys wholesale authentic stitched jerseys from china ready.

Although the 41-year-old Brady rarely hears his dirty words on the court or on the court, he is a superstar in the United States, and the media will stare at his every move. but! When honest people are also in a hurry, don't be surprised if Brady starts trying to counter the Jaguar players this week, because Brady believes that some friendly trash can improve the quality of the game.

"I think that as long as people are not stupid, everyone will be irritated by the trash." Brady said in an interview with local media on Wednesday: "I mean, controlling emotions is crucial in football, you have to have enough Positive energy and good emotions. I think that a calm mind will help you on the court, but at the same time football is also a gunpowder sport. You need to trust your teammates and believe that they can be free and win."


Brady also said that "time is full of passion and vitality" is part of his game. Of course, if Brady really decides to spit with someone, then the scene may become very embarrassing, because Brady will not talk about trash.

Brady and Gron: When no one is available, trust becomes the sharpest spear sports jerseys wholesale


The 41-year-old Brady often mentions the idea that when the quarterback and the WRs trust peaks, the quarterback and the WRs don't even need to use the eye to observe, as long as the pass is shot, the receiver Can shoot to finish the receiving. When the New England Patriots have no more receivers to use, the most reliable receiving point in the entire Patriots is the TE Rob-Gronkowski, who is also Tom Brady trusted teammates for many years. In the first week of the game against the Houston Texans, it was the trust between Brady and Gron that allowed the Patriots to finally win.


In fact, the Patriots of the 2018 season are not only weak in the position of the receiver, but also because the injury is unattended. Brady's connection with Gron propped up the Patriots' offense. On Gron, Brady found 10,000 passes. Take the example of last week's game. When Gronkowski was compressed by two people and there was no space, Brady took a decisive shot. Gron grabbed the ball between the people to complete the touchdown; At the end of the paragraph, Gron once again grabbed the double-handed sneak, flying and diving with a helmet to catch the ball, pushing 28 yards. If Brady's shot is a little slower for a fraction of a second, then the two passes will only be destroyed or intercepted by the opponent.


Although Brady always sends the toughest pass for Gron, Gron never disappoints. He doesn't even have to look at the trajectory of the ball, because he believes that as long as he can pull out a little space, Brady will definitely Put the ball into your arms, as Brady said, "I know Gron's body language, know his abilities, know his running habits, run the line. When I look at him, I know if I should pass it to him. You just need to give him a chance to receive the ball, he can turn the cheap jerseys direct impossible into a possibility."


Over the years, Brady's trusted receivers are nothing more than Randy Moss, Wes Wilk, Julian Edelman, Dion Blanche, Danny Armandola, etc. Now Rob Gronkowski is clearly entering this rank. For the next game against the Jacksonville Jaguar, Brady and Gron have been specially trained. The sincere cooperation in the past 9 years has made the close relationship between the two. They train together, play together, and become better rugby players. Trust and tacit understanding have solved all the pressure. For this reason, Brady will pass the ball to him without hesitation when he is being double-teamed by opponents. When the cheap jerseys online Patriots' running backs fell successively, the team basically lost the ground offensive ability. Passing must be the main theme of the Patriots' attack, and Gron is the most important factor. In the next game, he must face Jalan Ramsey's stalker, countless trash words and tight-fashioned double-team, Brady must also face the most violent rumors. But this is not a problem, because the trust between teammates can liberate the mind, let the player in the best state, turn into the sharpest spear, straight into the opponent's chest.

Gronkowski responds to Ramsey: no interest in cursing cheap jerseys online

Jalen Ramsey's previous evaluation was unrelent to the near-end Rob Gronkowski in Patriots.

"I don't think how good Gron is." Ramsey said, "I want to say that Gron discount baseball jerseys is not as powerful as the fans think." Ramsey studied Gron with analysts before the US finals last year. What conclusion did he draw? Ramsey said: "Every time Gron is on the cornerback, he does not perform well. In contrast, the other cornerback is excellent."

Gronkowski had a chance to respond to it on Wednesday, but he did not intend to make the situation ferment further.

"If he thinks so, whatever." Gronkowski told reporters, "There will be a grand game on Sunday, and I will definitely get a chance to match him. So does he.I will prepare as usual and complete my own task on the field except other chores."

"The game won't be won in the middle of the week," Gronkowski said. "It's a whole week of junk,.That is what I really don't care, so does my team. In the past nine years, I have I learned a lot from coach Bill Belichick and cheap jerseys direct other veterans. We really don't care about these junk."

I feel prepared to prove that authentic stitched jerseys from china my ability on Sunday is much better than say junk thing a whole cheap jerseys online week. Of course, the latter may add some fun to the former.

Gronkowski finally said: "Whether it is one-against-one with him or one-against-one with others, I will try my best to complete my task."