the Patriots and chiefs play poisonous milk battle,have had a lot of murders cheap chinese jersey sites

Every time I meet a strong enemy, the Patriots’ coaches are “modest” to the players, and they strongly praise their opponents in all aspects. Then they call the opponents to numb and defeat them. This is the so-called “first to kill”. In other words, the Patriots always like to give their opponents a big bit of "poisonous milk". The Patriots cheap jerseys online seem to trust this kind of operation with some oriental metaphysical colors. They always get good after the "poisonous milk" opponents. However,the Chiefs Mahoms was not stunned by the opponent's sweet words, but calmly touted the authentic stitched jerseys from china Patriots.

Looking at the scenes of the chiefs and patriots who were crazy about each other before the game, they had to admire the language ability of the players of the two teams. It is really top-notch, and it is really omnipotent to praise the opponent. However, it is obvious that the chieftain has made sufficient preparations for the Patriots' "virulent milk" skills. In order to cope with the patriots' touts, the chiefs also used "poisonous milk" to return to the patriots. The so-called "the terracotta warriors have not moved, the poisoned milk first", unlike other NFL players like to release to the opponent before the game, "I am a powerful, I just want to blow you", the patriots and the chiefs authentic stitched jerseys from china It’s a perfect interpretation of “commercial blows”. The game has not yet begun, and the two teams have had a lot of murders in this authentic stitched jerseys from china poisonous milk battle.

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