the Patriots is good at hearted temperament,treat the opponent with”praise before kill” cheap jerseys from china

There is a saying in the art of war: the attack on the soldiers, the attack on the heart. The highest state of confrontation between the two armies is cheap jerseys wholesale to use the strategy to defeat the enemy. The best way is to disintegrate the opponent's fighting spirit mentally. This kind of wisdom not only benefits us Chinese, but even the NFL team far away on the other side of the ocean has learned the essence. The New England Patriots are typical representatives of good-hearted temperament. Whenever they meet strong enemies, the Patriots’ coaches are “modest” to the players, praising their opponents in all aspects, and then defeating them when they call their opponents numb. It is the so-called "praise before kill". In other words, the Patriots always like to give their opponents a cheap jerseys wholesale big bit of "poisonous milk". The Patriots seem to trust this kind of operation with some oriental metaphysical colors. They always get good after the "poisonous milk" opponents.

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