the Watt brothers are not inaccurate opponents. are all number one fans of each other. cheap chinese jersey sites

This week, when the reporter interviewed T.J. Watt, he was  asked about the current situation of his brothers competition. TJ repeatedly emphasized that this is a kind of “benign competition”. JJ said that he and his brother are the most hardcore fans of each other. "You see, the competition is fierce." JJ said, "It has always been like this. This is cheap chinese jersey sites the first time we have stayed healthy in the league. We say that we are inaccurate opponents. In fact, we are all number one fans. We support each other at any time. I want to see him break through more pockets. When he finishes killing, he is as excited as playing on the court. He said, 'Our competition is a healthy competition, but there will definitely be mutual "The idea of climbing is ', he is right, but if he finally won 500 kills, I will be very happy."

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