the quarterback’s injury seems to have signs of rising,but the NFL’s efforts to strengthen the quarterback have begun to bear fruit. cheap chinese jerseys


The NFL's ratings for the new season soared, rebounding strongly from last year's relative trough. The biggest surprise is that the talents in the quarterback position are full of flowers. It is cheap jerseys online no exaggeration to say that today's NFL is experiencing a season of quarterbacks that have been in trouble for decades.

Of course, the regular season only played more than a third, and does not rule out the possibility of repeated scores. And the quarterback's injury seems to have signs of rising. The dolphins lost their first start in Tennessee, and Green Bay Rogers was also a leg-legged one. I don't know if I can stand the pressure of the schedule.

At the same time, we also have discount baseball jerseys reason to be optimistic about the last two-thirds of the season, because the NFL's efforts to strengthen the quarterback have begun to bear fruit. For NFL ratings, the cheap jerseys wholesale biggest enemy is the quarterback injury, and the NFL Alliance headquarters has every reason to think of ways to cheap chinese jerseys protect the quarterback from injury or injury.

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