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A direct sign of the rise in the cheap chinese jersey sites quarterback level is the rise in the scores of the teams. The game is better seen and the fans are hooked. By the authentic stitched jerseys from china sixth round, the league's highest-scoring team was the Saints' 36 points per game, an average of 7.9 points per game compared to last year's 27.9 points. The cheap chinese jersey sites second-ranked Emirates, thanks to the second-grade quarterback Mahon's performance, averaged a score of 35.8 points from last year's 25.6 points. This is an increase in the scores of nearly two touchdowns, and the NFL has been rare in the past decade. The Chicago Big Bear, who ranked 10th in scoring, also jumped from 16.5 to 27.8, which was unimaginable in the past. Buffalo Bill, who scored at the bottom of the rankings, dropped his average score from 17.9 points to 12.7 points. Compared with the top scores of the sharp increase in scores, the decline is not too ugly.

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