to fight for the best defensive rookie.? Take out 10 kills first to see. cheap jerseys online

The restraint pass is not only a cornerback, but also a passer. In a sense, there is a way to get more outspoken. Recalling the fierce rush of the Hawks last season, the quarterback often had to pass the ball under great pressure, drop the ball, and even be killed. That's why Joey Bosa, Garrett and Chabu's rushing masters in the drafts will be picked early. Personally think that Chabu's strength is not as good as the first two players, and interestingly, his play in the preseason is not good enough (3 games and 0.5 kills), but there is a wonderful play on the run. For a passer-by, it’s also a icing on the cake to fight for the best defensive rookie. Take out 10 kills first to see. But who knows, when the von Miller array formed a double ghost on the other side at the beginning of the season, perhaps Chabu would get more space.

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